City Profiles Pay Big Dividends

This post is part V in a series of posts on “best practices” to follow when contacting local board members.


Another “best practice” when implementing the philosophy of Backyard Marketing into your sales strategy is to do a thorough analysis of the culture of your city, county, and region.  Researching the culture of your city allows your sales staff to prioritize their limited resources (time, budget, etc.) and target specific market segments and accounts based on the demographics of your area.

Listed below are a few of the key elements of a “City Profile”, and one question you could research in each area:


  • What organizations held their first annual convention in your city and therefore might return for a 25th, 50th, or 100th anniversary meeting?


  • What is the largest ethnic population in your area and what associations represent that ethnic group?

Largest Employers

  • What employees from your largest employer currently serve on state, regional, national, or international boards?


  • What well-known cultural institutions (museums, attractions, performing arts organizations, etc.) are in your area and what associations to they belong to?


  • What sports associations do your most successful local sports teams belong to?


  • What is the largest educational institution (university, community college, private college) in your city and what administrators and professors from that institution currently serve in Executive Committee level  positions  (President, President Elect, Treasurer, Secretary) with state, regional, national, and international associations?

Notable People from Your Area

  • Make a list of the top 25 individuals who currently live in your city.  What associations or non-profit organizations do they belong to?  What leadership positions have they held?


  • What causes, events, etc. do your largest employers sponsor?   Would they consider inviting these respective organizations to hold a future event or conference in your city?


Prioritizing market segments and specific accounts according to local demographics allows your sales staff to work smarter and link arms with influential local people to generate more leads and bookings.


For Example:

Clients often contract with Backyard Marketing to find local contacts with associations among their top performing market segments.  The results of this kind of research usually include any or all of the following:

  • Leads
  • Identifying new associations to target
  • Local contacts who are current Board and Committee members of associations already on file
  • Multiple contacts with the client’s largest employers
  • Referrals of other people considering or planning a meeting


In selecting your top performing market segments to research—don’t overlook the smaller market segments within the larger segment.  For example, if you select the environmental market segment consider what type of environmental associations would most likely bring conventions to your area.

Would it include conservation, organic farming, fisheries, recycling, renewable energy, or sustainability associations? Then identify locals in every association in those smaller segments.


Please contact Backyard Marketing if you are interested in a “City Profile” for your city.

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