Local Recognition is a No-Brainer

This blog has been featuring “best practices” in the convention sales industry.  Another best practice is to recognize local people who help destination marketing organizations and hotels bring conventions to their city.

If you do not have a local recognition program in place—consider the following benefits:

    1. Recognizing local people who help bring conventions to their city attracts free publicity.
      Convention bookings are big news, but so are locals who help bring in these meetings. Recognizing these locals only encourages other local residents to do the same.
    2. Recognizing local people encourages future assistance by the same locals.
      Saying thanks goes a long way toward encouraging the same local people to bring other meetings to their hometown. They can also provide some the best word-of-mouth advertising to their friends and colleagues.
    3. Recognizing local people is simple and cost-effective.
      An annual reception/dinner is all it takes to recognize local people who have helped bring conventions to your city over the past year. The annual event should include local dignitaries, members of your local hospitality industry, and DMO staff.
    4. Local recognition can be an on-going program for a DMO.
      Local people who have helped a DMO bring conventions to their hometown are great ambassadors for the DMO. Consider forming a Hometown Hero program and inviting past Hometown Heroes to special events throughout the year, sending out a quarterly or semi-annual newsletter, offering FAM trips for locals, etc.

Backyard Marketing also recommends DMO’s consider a business development program for identifying local people who could help you bring meetings to your city.  Visit our Research Solutions page for more information on different ways to identify local people with state, regional, national, and international associations and corporations.

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