Don’t Underestimate the Lead-Generation Abilities of Local People

Booking convention business is all about influencing the right people. And what individual is more connected than a board/committee member?

We speak regularly to local people who live in our clients’ cities and hold board and committee positions with state, regional, national, and international associations. And we see first-hand the incredible lead-generation abilities locals have. Here is one example:

(Tom) is interested in bringing a future International Conference to Detroit.  He will be attending the board meeting this November in Milwaukee and will speak with the CEO and other board members about this possibility. Tom plans on forming a local committee to begin writing a bid proposal.

How are local people able to generate meeting leads and bookings like the example above? In our 18+ years of generating convention leads through local people, we’ve found the answer. Simply put, local people who hold leadership positions with associations are Insiders with the organizations they represent.

  1. They are Insiders with valuable information.
    • They know what the board or committee has been talking about in terms of future meetings.
    • They know what objections the board has to meeting in your city and how to overcome these objections.
    • They know the general meeting specifications.
    • They know what meetings would most likely come to your city (their hometown).
  1. They are Insiders who know Decision-Makers personally.
    • They are peers/friends with the other board/committee members and staff.
    • They often allow you to use their name when contacting the decision-makers.
    • They are excellent referral sources regarding the correct person to call.
  1. They are Inside Gatekeepers where convention bids often need to start.
    • Many associations require an invitation from a local person or local chapter.
    • Many associations require a local host committee to bid and support a meeting.
    • Locals are often in charge of finding a venue for the meeting.
    • Presidents are often entrusted with choosing future meeting locations.
  1. They are Insiders often looking for help in the bidding process.
    • Locals are often asked to host a future meeting in their hometown.
    • Locals are often thinking about bringing a meeting to their hometown but don’t know where to start.
    • Locals need help putting a bid package together.

In summary, local people in your hometown are Insiders with lead-generation abilities.  Sometimes half the battle is identifying these people before their term as a board or committee member ends.  If you want help in this process, Backyard Marketing has an online subscription tool that can identify board/committee members from your area in real-time.

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