Why Associations Often Hold Conventions in the Hometown of a Board Member

Have you ever noticed that associations often hold conventions in the hometown of one of its board members?

The reason is quite simple; the board members have earned it.

Hosting a convention in one’s hometown is certainly an honor.  Association members get to showcase their city, hotels, attractions, and even their company.  In a real sense, members of associations are inviting their industry peers to their home.  But such an honor is not granted to just anyone.  You often have to earn that privilege, and there is no person more deserving than a board member.  Consider the following reasons:

  • Respect: Board members are respected by their peers for their industry expertise.
  • Faithful Service to Association: Board members have served the association for many years in various leadership positions on their way to becoming a board member.
  • Faithful Service on State and Regional Levels: Board members of national and international associations have a long history of serving as leaders of state and regional affiliate associations before reaching the national or international level.
  • Board Member’s Company is an Industry Leader: Board members and the company they represent are often leaders in the industry they serve.

In other words, board members are often rewarded for faithful service to the association by having the honor of hosting a future convention in their hometown.   The association has confidence that if a board member wants to bring a meeting to his or her hometown – and the destination can handle the meeting requirements —they know the board member will rise to the challenge.

Consider the following real example, where a President of an association board was asked to host a future convention in his hometown:

George Smith, who is a board member of the National Association of _______and lives in Charlotte, NC, has been approached by the board about Charlotte hosting a future convention.  The meeting specifications are as follows:

  • June (typically a Tuesday-Friday pattern with seminars on Monday)
  • 350-400 attendees
  • Off-site social event on Tuesday; banquet at hotel on Thursday night
  • 35 exhibit booths
  • 5-6 simultaneous breakout sessions  
  • Please call George

(Personal information has been anonymized)

What does this mean to Destination Marketing Organizations like your own?

If you are looking for new meeting leads, look no further than people from your hometown who serve as board members of state, regional, national, or international associations.  Sometimes all you need to do is ask them if they would consider bringing a future meeting to their hometown.  If they say “Yes”, the board member’s respect in the industry, faithful service to the association, and their earned trust will go a long way toward generating new business for your destination.

If you want help finding people in your city who are board members of state, regional, national, or international associations– Backyard Marketing has an online subscription tool that can help.

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