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About Us


Backyard Marketing, Inc. is not about booking local meetings; we are all about leveraging the power and influence of association board and committee members (or other local contacts) who live in your community to book state, regional, national, and international association meetings.

Booking convention business is all about influencing the right people. And there is no individual more connected than a state, regional, national, or international association board member. They are in position to steer thousands of dollars of convention business where they want simply because of their leadership position and who they know.

Identifying board/committee members before they go off the board or committee is often the hardest part of booking conventions. And that’s where Backyard Marketing comes in. We can provide you with lists of current association board/committee members from your city and region (as well as other in-depth research) in a timely manner so you can follow-up and generate the leads and bookings.

Our goal is to forge lasting relationships through unsurpassed customer service. For our customers this means providing accurate and timely information that addresses their specific marketing goals.

Top 10 Reasons to Invest in Your Own Backyard

Our Team

Michael Still
Michael StillPresident
Michael has 24 years of convention sales experience, including 9 years working for convention bureaus, 4 years in hotels, and 5 years in hotel regional sales offices. Michael has been identifying and persuading local association members to bring regional, state, and national conventions to the cities he has represented for all 24 years, and has developed and expanded many marketing programs that target local association members.

Michael has a Master of Arts degree in Communications with an emphasis on marketing research, and has represented large and small cities in state, regional, national, and international markets.

Michael and his wife spent 14 years in Chicago, Illinois and St. Louis, Missouri before moving to West Michigan in 1993. They enjoy the growing community of Grand Rapids and its many cultural amenities, the nearby lakeshore communities, their church, and having both of their children living nearby.

Christopher Still
Christopher StillDirector of Research & Technology
Chris has been conducting market research since joining Backyard Marketing in 2005. He is passionate about providing timely, accurate research to Convention and Visitor Bureaus around the world to help them achieve their unique marketing goals. In addition to his role in research, Chris provides support and development related to various areas of technology.

Chris spent three years working for a world-class luxury hotel in Grand Rapids, and seeks to apply the same high level of personalized service and excellence developed in the hospitality industry to his work with clients of Backyard Marketing.

Chris and his wife were both raised in West Michigan and are proud to call Grand Rapids home. They can often be found exploring the West Michigan area, enjoying Lake Michigan, and experiencing locally-owned restaurants.

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