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Why Associations Often Hold Conventions in the Hometown of a Board Member

Have you ever noticed that associations often hold conventions in the hometown of one of its board members? The reason is quite simple; the board members have earned it. Hosting a convention in one’s hometown is certainly an honor.  Association members get to showcase their city, hotels, attractions, and even their company.  In a real sense, members of associations are inviting their industry peers to their home.  But such an honor is not granted to just anyone.  You often have to earn that privilege, and there is no person more deserving than a board member.  [...]

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Don’t Underestimate the Lead-Generation Abilities of Local People

Booking convention business is all about influencing the right people. And what individual is more connected than a board/committee member? We speak regularly to local people who live in our clients’ cities and hold board and committee positions with state, regional, national, and international associations. And we see first-hand the incredible lead-generation abilities locals have. Here is one example: (Tom) is interested in bringing a future International Conference to Detroit.  He will be attending the board meeting this November in Milwaukee and will speak with the CEO and other board members about this possibility. Tom [...]

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Local Recognition is a No-Brainer

This blog has been featuring “best practices” in the convention sales industry.  Another best practice is to recognize local people who help destination marketing organizations and hotels bring conventions to their city. If you do not have a local recognition program in place—consider the following benefits: Recognizing local people who help bring conventions to their city attracts free publicity. Convention bookings are big news, but so are locals who help bring in these meetings. Recognizing these locals only encourages other local residents to do the same. Recognizing local people encourages future assistance by the same locals. [...]

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City Profiles Pay Big Dividends

This post is part V in a series of posts on “best practices” to follow when contacting local board members.   Another “best practice” when implementing the philosophy of Backyard Marketing into your sales strategy is to do a thorough analysis of the culture of your city, county, and region.  Researching the culture of your city allows your sales staff to prioritize their limited resources (time, budget, etc.) and target specific market segments and accounts based on the demographics of your area. Listed below are a few of the key elements of a “City Profile”, and [...]

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