Local Contacts by Market Segment

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Local Contacts by Market Segment

Do you want to increase the number of bid opportunities for some of your top producing market segments?  Do you want to expand into a new market segment?  Backyard Marketing can send you numerous local contacts for any market segment you choose along with meeting information on each association.  Contacts could include current and past board and committee members, chapter officers, and other members.

Contact information provided for each board or committee member includes the following:

  • Primary Contact Name
  • Title with the Association
  • Name of the Association
  • Type of Association (State, Regional, National, International)
  • Work or home address
  • Work or home phone number
  • Email address if available
  • Additional comments on any/all of the following:

    – Association Meeting information

    – Other Local/State Contacts with association

    – Other associations to which the person may belong

Sample Local Contact Profile